Main Characters
Name:Hatori Kaoru
Age: 16

The main protagonist of the story. Not very girly, she prefers tough (with good looking ) boys until she met Kazuki and fell in love with him ( as it seems she couldn't mind to find someone like him after befriending him as she is now into him ). She always have a crush on Kazuki even though there are times she is being called "baka" ( Japanese word for "idiot" ) by him.
Name:Touya Kazuki
Age: 16

The title character and the main male character of the story. A tough leader of Touya Gang and a delinquent whom Hatori crushes on. He is often called "Night-Walker Kazuki" by most delinquents. Kazuki always doesn't notice that Hatori is crushing on him. He is very protective of his childhood friend, Asaga. Also, he is known for calling Hatori "baka" whenever he gets angry to her.
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